Chris Pedroley

Board Secretary, Dentons US LLP

I’m most proud of Duo because of the incredible impact Duo has on our community. I know the transformative power my own dog has had on my life, and am very proud to be a part of an organization made up of dedicated, compassionate people focused on training dogs that are then able to have a similar impact for countless others.

Judy Kouchoukos


Beth Greco

Volunteer Manager

April Wright

Kennel Staff

Pamela Daugherty

Client Services Coordinator

Crissy Smith

Assistance and Obedience Dog Trainer

Tony Alaimo

Assistance and Obedience Dog Trainer

Gary Barnes

Kennel Manager

Erin Welch

Development & Office Administrator

Laura Taylor

Assistance Dog Trainer

Susanne Schenberg-Wandling

Director of Canine Services

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