An Eventful Night Filled with Milestones for the Puppies!

  • July 27, 2016

Last night was an exciting night for our 12 puppies! A lot of new milestones were reached. They’ve been getting up on all fours for a couple of days, now, but they decided to exercise their new behavior all night long. They also found their voices and learned how to howl! Again, they practiced this new skill all night long, much to Nadine’s dismay. A couple tried to initiate play by chewing on each other and pawing at each other.

Because they are walking, the potty box was set up this morning.

All puppies used it right away with a little help from Nadine. All puppies are gaining weight and are healthy. Their eyes are open and they are starting to see shadows. This new trick was also practiced throughout the night! Needless to say, Nadine slept very little. All the puppies’ ears are open and are flopping around.

Sugar is being a great mom feeding, loving and bonding with the pups. You can see all of this on our live puppy cam!

Don’t forget to support our puppies by making a donation! We couldn’t do this without your generosity!

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