What’s Happening the Week of 6/29/15

As we post this, the sun is out and the rain is done (for now). Support Dogs would like to thank everyone who came out to the Dogs In The Ruff Golf Tournament last week. We had a nice compliment of players, great weather, and funds were raised for SDI and its programs – thanks all!

We are sure everyone is getting ready for this holiday weekend and in doing so, please do not forget your pets. The 4th of July weekend is the #1 weekend when pets run away because of the loud noises from fireworks. Please keep pets indoors, safe, and give them something to do. Frozen treats or stuffed Kongs work great. Remember, pets not only hear the noise, they feel the vibrations in the air from the blasts and it is often times unnerving.

So have a safe 4th of July, celebrate, and remember to NOT make your pets part of the festivities. They are safer and better off that way.

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