What’s Happening the Week of 7/20/15

  • July 21, 2015
The sun is shining and it is a great week ahead for Support Dogs. This past Saturday, the TOUCH program held its evaluations and we are happy to report that there will be 24 new teams starting class at the end of the month. Trivia Night reservations continue to come in – we are filling up fast, which is a great thing. If you want to play and have not made a reservation yet, please call the office at (314) 997-2325. We sell out every year and this year looks to be no different. And we have some wonderful news: We will be whelping another litter of puppies on-site at the facility in the coming few weeks. We will, of course, make the announcement and everyone will be able to watch the puppies grow in real time on the webcam. Stay tuned and have a great week!

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