Crissy Smith

Chief Canine Officer

Crissy oversees ‘all things canine’ from whelping, to training and overall canine health throughout our Breeding and Assistance dog programs. She works closely with our Program Social Worker to help identify potential matches between waitlisted clients and current dogs in Advanced Training. Once a match is made, Crissy facilitates team training to introduce the client to their new Assistance dog. Clients undergo yearly recertification during their 8 year working partnership.

Gary Barnes

Kennel Manager

Dawn Van Houten

Chief Executive Officer

Tony Alaimo

Assistance Dog Trainer

Andrea Lampert

BOARD CHAIR and Strategy Committee Chair, Perficient, Inc.

Debbie Caplin

Board Vice Chair and Program Committee Chair, Parkcrest Plastic Surgery

Beth Biondo

Chief Operating Officer

Gary Barnes

Kennel Manager

Melanie Brady

Program Social Worker

Mike Boyle

Board Treasurer, Edgewell

Tracy Gellman Liebe

Chief Program Officer

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