Volunteer Service Hours

Thank you for volunteering with Duo! Capturing volunteer service hours is very important. We utilize this data to report to our funders the impact that your volunteer service has provided to the Saint Louis community. Your time is valuable!

Volunteer service hours should be submitted on a regular basis. Select each “Assignment” to designate each Touch facility visited or any volunteer duty completed including:

  • Assistance Dog Program: Whelper Helper, Volunteer Puppy Raising, Puppy Sitting, Kennel Enrichment
  • Touch Therapy Training Assistant
  • Special Events: Gala, Trivia Night, Duo Dash
  • Young Friends of Duo
  • Onsite Support: Office Assistance, Building Maintenance
  • Volunteer Boards
Your volunteer hours may have an even greater impact as many employers will match your volunteer hours with a financial gift to Duo Dogs.  For more information, visit our Corporate Matching Portal

Getting Started

VicNet is a tool that you can use from any device to:

  • Keep your personal information up-to-date
  • Post your volunteer service hours
  • Check your service records
  • Change your VicNet password

Please document all volunteer service hours through the portal link below, or via the mobile app. 

The VicNet app is available on iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Contact Erin Manning, Community Relations Manager, at emanning@duodogs.org with any questions.

Service hours can be posted at any time, however it would be most beneficial to have all hours for the month entered by the 10th day of the following month.
Your VicNet password can be changed through the VicNet link. Select the Forgot password link on the home screen and create a new one.
VicNet can be used for many functions including posting and viewing your volunteer hours as well as making changes to your personal information such as a new address or email.
Point your cursor or finger over the “Assignment” field and type the first character of your assignment which will provide a shortcut to your entry. For example, select “O” and find the assignment “Office Assistance” if you are volunteering in the office and would like to document those hours.
Yes! You can print service hours by year. Click on the “Service History” tab and print all service hours, or hours by year.

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