Paws for Reading

Duo Dogs' Paws for Reading Program trains volunteers and their personal dogs to be part of classroom and library settings.

Together, they provide incentive for children to practice reading to accepting and nonjudgmental listeners — dogs.

And with a dog’s encouragement and calming presence, young readers improve their focus, word recognition, and reading comprehension without feeling anxious.

Schools and libraries can join our incentive reading program allowing students the opportunity to earn books for their personal libraries.


children participated in the Paws for Reading program, on average per year


schools and libraries are Paws for Reading participants

Client Testimonials

Both of my children have been touched by the Paws for Reading program. My oldest practices reading out loud at Thornhill library with Libby, then shares books with her younger sibling who is on the autism spectrum. It brought tears to my eyes when my youngest hugged Libby and listened to the stories. I've never seen my child respond to anyone or anything like the Paws for Reading dog.

Parent participant

Our classroom so enjoyed reading to Marley, which helped the students earn books for our library. Thank you so much for this program!

Carl — teacher at Millstadt Primary Center

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