Facility Dogs

Duo Facility Dogs provide courage + comfort when you’re in doubt.


the number of states where Duo Facility Dogs have been placed

2 years

to raise and train each Facility Dog


Facility Dog placements, 20 of those in courtrooms.

Facility Dogs

Courage + Comfort

Duo Facility Dogs provide courage and comfort — reinforcing your self-confidence when you’re in doubt. Together, we’ll overcome emotional barriers, re-establish trust, and convey a feeling of protection.

To apply for one of our Duo Dogs’ assistance/facility dogs, complete our online Prospective Facility Client Inquiry Form.


forensic interviews attended by Duo Dog Jake in his first year providing support to young victims

Duo’s uniquely trained Facility Dogs do important community work that impacts people of all ages — from the United States to the United Kingdom.

These amazing animals are placed with legal, medical, and educational client organizations to provide strength and support when people are facing some of life’s toughest challenges.

You’ll most frequently find our dogs working within the legal system to comfort victims during forensic interviews and silently provide support when victims are testifying in court.

In medical facilities, they can soothe young children and their families as they’re facing an uncomfortable procedure or calm a patient who’s anxious about treatment.

In school districts, these professional pups assist children with special needs as they learn to overcome barriers and become their best selves.

Duo’s uniquely trained Facility Dogs do important community work, impacting people of all ages. These amazing animals are placed with client organizations and provide support when it’s needed most.

Client Testimonials

With Rhett's help, we were able to complete the full test without emotional strain. the child petted Rhett as a way of pacing himself and was very happy.

Dr. Michael M.

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