Obedience Training

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic all Duo obedience classes have been placed on hold and registrations closed. If you would like to receive information once classes have been rescheduled please click here to provide us with your contact information.

Obedience training is a great way to create a wonderful bond between a dog and its owner.

Duo Dogs offers obedience classes to the general public. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your dog to increase the special human and dog relationship. Each class session is eight weeks in length. All classes are held at Duo Dogs’ training center.

Class Sessions Offered

Puppy Class

For pups 8 weeks-5 months of age — get your puppy started on the right “paw”! In our Puppy Class you will learn how to effectively communicate with your new puppy and build a successful relationship. You will learn how to socialize your puppy with other people and learn how to desensitize your puppy to grooming procedures such as nail trimming and baths. You will also learn how to address problem behaviors such as inappropriate chewing, mouthing/nipping, and housetraining your puppy to his/her new home. In addition, your puppy will start to learn his/her name, climb/place, sit, down, stay, recall/come, leave it, and get comfortable walking on a leash.

Beginning Obedience

For dogs 5 months of age and older — learn how to establish fundamental skills with your dog and build on your relationship! In our Beginning Obedience Class you will learn how to teach your dog skills that all dogs should know: dog’s name, climb/place, sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, recall/come, and leave it. We will also work your dog through some mild distance, duration, and distractions. Additionally, you will learn how to address common problem behaviors including barking, pulling, jumping, and chewing. A great class for any dog without prior training.

Intermediate Obedience

Can be taken after completed Beginning Obedience Class — a continuation from your Beginning Obedience training! In our Intermediate Obedience Class, you will learn to proof your basic obedience skills with higher distance, duration, and distractions. New obedience skills that will be covered in class are auto sit, get close/heel, waiting at doors, and sit while petting. This class will strengthen you and your dog’s skills for the next level.

Advanced Obedience

Can be taken after completed Intermediate Obedience Class or Instructor Recommendation — take your dog to the next level! In our Advanced Obedience Class your dog will learn some advanced skills including passing another dog on walk, supervised separation, and walking behind you through narrow areas. We will also generalize the obedience skills for common day situations by adding increasing amounts of distractions to the intermediate skills your dog already knows. Your dog will also learn fun tricks to increase the fun and pleasure of training together. This class is the perfect preparation to get you and your dog ready to enter our TOUCH Therapy Program.

Taking part in obedience training at Duo Dogs helps to build the unique bond between people and dogs. Learning how to effectively communicate with dogs through proper and effective training can help strengthen this special bond for a lifetime of happiness.

Participants are instructed by our team of full-time, professional trainers.

Our proven methodology has been built over 38 years of training assistance dogs and is available to the general public for a nominal fee.

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Did you know?

  • Duo Dogs trains hundreds of dogs each year through our various obedience training classes.
  • Duo Dogs’ instructors are members of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT).
  • Obedience training strengthens the dog-human bond.
  • A trained dog enjoys a better quality of life.
  • Almost all dogs can be trained to follow obedience commands and to stop undesirable behaviors.
  • Dog obedience is critical for a dog’s safety.
  • Obedience classes start with puppies as young as eight weeks old.
  • From basic obedience to intermediate and advanced classes, Duo has a class for dogs of all abilities and ages.
  • Dogs completing the advanced class have the ability to become CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certified.

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