Our Services

Duo Dogs, Inc. is a national nonprofit organization providing highly skilled Assistance Dogs to individuals with disabilities, Facility Dogs to abuse victims within the legal system, and Touch Dogs to therapy teams in the medical community, offering independence, positive reinforcement, and compassion to those Duo serves. In addition, Duo provides basic, intermediate, and advanced obedience classes to the public; and Paws for Reading — a classroom and library-based program that provides an incentive for children to practice reading.

Assistance Dogs

Training amazing dogs to assist individuals with mobility and hearing challenges is Duo Dogs’ signature service.

Facility Dogs

Duo’s uniquely trained Facility Dogs do important community work that impacts people of all ages — from the United States to the United Kingdom.

Touch Therapy Dogs

Duo has seen it time and time again — dogs have a special touch when it comes to comforting people during challenging times.

Paws for Reading

Touch Therapy teams visit local schools and libraries participating in our Paws for Reading program, designed to help your people by using dogs as an incentive to read.

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