The Puppies are Here!

A litter of puppies was born Friday, July 8, 2016! This is the very first litter to be whelped in our new building!

Just like all other puppies, this litter of twelve puppies born by Sugar and sired by Calypso spends most of its time eating and sleeping. Did you know puppies don’t open their eyes until about nine to eleven days after birth? Now twelve days old, they are starting to open their eyes. Their ears are starting to become unsealed, too! They are also attempting to get up on all fours in lieu of sliding around on their bellies.

The litter is growing fast. Eight weigh over two pounds already. To put this in perspective, at the time of their birth the smallest was 0.66 lbs. and the biggest was 0.92 lbs.!

Sugar is doing great as a first time mother nursing, cleaning and bonding with the pups. Nadine has been overseeing all Whelper Helpers and ensuring that the puppies are growing and momma is doing well!

See all of this yourself and experience the puppies’ growth LIVE on our puppy cam here!

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