What’s Happening the Week of 9/21/15

Happy Monday to everyone! This week is full of puppies and assistance dogs happenings here at SDI. The puppies, which we are sure everyone has been watching, are going home this Wednesday. They are all going to Volunteer Puppy Raising homes to begin their lives training to be future assistance dogs. The names of the new puppies are Otis, Fran, and Diva. SDI has another volunteer orientation this coming Saturday for all those interested in volunteering. If interested, the orientation begins at 9:30 at the SDI office. And our advanced trainers, as well as client service coordinator, have been busy performing recertifications on all working assistance dog teams. This is an undertaking that lasts for a couple of months but gives SDI the opportunity to see our teams in action. And just a reminder, the months of September and October are dedicated to the United Way fundraising efforts and we are proud to be a member of the United Way of Greater St. Louis. Please support the United Way – your contributions make a difference at over 170 agencies in the metropolitan area. Thank you for your support!

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